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Mauvelous Maroon - Pants

Mauvelous Maroon - Pants

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This is our semi-thick puffer pants. The color is mauve and maroon. The MIND is a PVC rubber patch stitched onto the pants. There are money green stitches in various spots around the square or rectangle borders. Zip pockets on both sides of the pants. There's also a zipper to remove half of the pants to turn them into shorts. Also there is a zipper at the bottom of pants so you can make them ankle fitted or flared over your choice of shoes/boots. Each item is sold separately but pairs perfectly with puffer jackets. 

SIZING: IF YOU ARE BETWEEN SIZES THEN GO UP A SIZE. For example: If you're in between a medium and large then purchase a large. Also if you want a not so fitted feel then we recommend you to do the same. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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